WTS 19M SP (Production/Resource Processing/Trade) Specialist Pilot

King of Luck Board - Quantum Anomaly (qsna.eu)

NPC corporaction, high sec location
No kill rights or jump clones
Wallet green
start 13 b



13b offer

Agree to the quotation, please pay and send the account email

Isk and recieving account name sent ingame

Will be checked and transferred after dt


Start of transition

I have no idea what it says on that screenshot and I haven’t recieved a confirmation email, but maybe it takes some time sometimes, cheers!

For security reasons, character transfers are processed with a 10-hour delay, during which the character is frozen and cannot be used.

Notification emails are sent to both parties when the transfer has been initiated. The emails are sent to the email addresses registered to the accounts in question.

In some rare cases, the email may arrive with some delay, so please be patient. On the screenshot you can see that the transfer has been started - this process cannot be canceled manually.

Transfer’s over. Enjoy

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