WTS 2 Gallente Faction Puller

(Dex Severasse) #1


7.3 gallente faction modified standing.

6.9 ish minmatar

7 hours from connexion V.


7.4 gallente faction modified standing.

7.04 minmatar faction modified standing.

(Morou Cheche) #2

confirm i’m for sale

(HilsterAUS) #3

If the standings were with a pirate faction instead of an empire faction, then your estimate would be achievable.

There’s nothing really special about these two.

I’ll offer 4.5B for the pair.

(Deep Vecor) #4

Obviously zero clue how pulling works for lvl 5s…

(Dex Severasse) #5

Have you ever heard of L5 ?

Obviously not, then feel free to go share your experience with someone else :slight_smile:

Thanks for bump anyways

(Steve Rollard) #6

5 B offer for these

(4345613467468) #7

5.5 B

(Stephanie Smithers) #8


(system) #9

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