WTS 20.3 M SP + (329,500 Unallocated SP)

Hello selling my self ( start bid : 15B )
positive wallet
Ibanez stark Board - Quantum Anomaly (qsna.eu)
SkillQ.net - Ibanez stark

set implant +4
1 remap
in waskisen
no kill right

skills vievier not working

10b offer

13b offer

Thx for bidding i will close action tomorrow hope i can get my price

14 b offer

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11 hour 30 minute left

14.5bil offer. Pwease I need it so much!

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Hi i contacted you in game no answer (2hour left)

[Genacvale] you win
when I receive the isk I start the character transfer tell me which name for transfer

waiting for your answer

Thanks, will send the money and account name today.

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ISK and account info sent ingame, thanks!

Money received and character transfer initiated
tell wan you recive the character