WTS 20.7MSP SuperCarrier char

skill at https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Raini_DYrain
around 10 months Omega time
Omega ends at 10 March 2019
char in Jita,no in any corp, without any asset

auction start From 30Bisk
buyout price 33Bisk
auction ends at 2018.06.19 24:00 game time

Cant access skillboard without password. And btw, 33b is way too much for a 20.7m sp pilot, you can almost inject your own toon for that price, it would probably be worth around 20-25b.


10 months Omega time,worth 14B, so it’s a really good deal, you got the skill for 16-19B

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Hi, the Omega time is on the account and not the character


still on sale?

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