WTS 10.7sp, Carrier pilot


(One Of theangels) #1

Omega 14 days
Positive Wallet 110 mil
Located in Jita
No Killrights
Positive Sec Status
Starting bid: 8b
Buyout: 11b

(One Of theangels) #2

Up we go

(Baron Badasaz) #3

mail sent

(ryzen EX) #4

8b …

(One Of theangels) #5

Skill “Carrier” download yourself, what is more like it

(Baron Badasaz) #6

I offer 10 bil as a buyout.

(One Of theangels) #7

Ready to sell for 10 billion

(Baron Badasaz) #8

ok sending isk and account info

(One Of theangels) #9

Sorry, the sale is canceled, the topic is closed