(SOLD) WTS- 77.7 MM Pilot

Haven’t played in 9 years, played last 3 days and it wasn’t much fun. May try afresh with a new character. In the meantime, no point me holding him forever. He deserves a good home.


  • Positive wallet
    *Located in Jita
  • No Kill Rights
  • Member of an NPC Corporation
  • Omega for the next 12 months.

I pay the transfer after isk is paid.
I reserve the right to end the auction at any time.

  • Set of implants viewable on skillboard.
  • Currently mapped for Intelligence/Memory to get all L5 Electronic Systems. (200D remaining)

53b offer?

Let me research how to transfer the character, so I know what I’m doing! Give me 15 mins or so.

Ok, seems like the process is easy enough. Do you want to transfer the isk now?

Open for anyone else; ideally we close this in the next hour :slight_smile:

Replied to your message in game

Offer agreed, will send isk and account info shortly.

confirming isk and account info sent thank you.


23 Aug 2020 14:50

EVE Character transfer

On the way. Thanks.

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