SOLD WTS 16,2M SP pilot covert cyno/cloack falcon

NPC Corporation more than 10 years
positive wallet balance
No kill rights
Security status 0.3
Located in Jita
26500 EverMarks
the pilot is untrained and fully ready for transfer
All CCP Rules are adhered to


Starting bid 10 bill
B/0 15 bill

I am willing to buy this character with 10b, but unfortunately my account is full of characters now. If you are willing to trade, I will delete a character first, and it can be transferred to me in 24 hours. Do you think it is OK?

Always make another account

I reckon 10b is the starting price, although I’m certainly encouraged by your willingness to buy it

What you said is quite reasonable, but unfortunately I cannot afford more Omega accounts at present. :joy:

Offer 13 bil

14b offer

offer b/o 15 bil

b/o accepted. Please name the account to which the transfer should be made. You can send isk

isk and account details have been send

Isk came in. The process of transferring the pilot has been started