WTS 20 Anchored athanors near Amarr

make me an offer per unit or bulk you provide isk for one athanor and then Ill transfer athanor, repeat this process til complete. no need for a 3rd party. unless its chribba and you pay fee.

athanors may include fuel and some fittings.

I don’t think Chribba has actively done that in quite a while…sadly…

oh, thats a shame. sad to see him not as active. unfamiliar with any current third parties.

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one sold, 3-4 possibly sold.

5 sold so far!

25 Athanors are still up.

If I wait a few weeks, will you throw in the quantum cores for free?

elizabeth enorn would be another trusted 3rd party you could use as well if you wanted to go that route.

no sorry

10 athanors left for sale.

how much for one athanor?

I am intrested could you please contact me ingame?

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