WTS 2004 char 143m sp

Look here:

Positive Wallets
No killrights
In konora low sec
All ccp rules applied

110b bo isk and acc ready

111b how to

Your offer can’t let I refused to inpOded:)

Waiting for the game update.

I request confirmation in order to be ready

I can’t just for the sake of more than 1 b refused to the first bidder


120 b before I go home.He is yours.

This is my quotation of 112B, please confirm if possible
The price for 120B is too high

112,1 B

In game received a quotation for 118B.I will wait for 30 minutes.

118,1 B

118B is a very high price. Please sell it to him

new highest bid 118.1 B

Ok. accept offer 118.1 b.waiting for isk and acc.

isk and acc name send

Isk received. now begin to transfer

Transfer to complete. after ten hours.good luck.

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