WTS 2005 character 884k SP

(Goldennuggets) #1

He has:
884,205 skill points
born 2005.04.17
positive wallet
in deltole (0.5)
neutral standings to everyone except minmatar where he is positive 1
-0.1 sec status
no jump clone
4 remaps available
no kill rights or even any kills or losses
in RepublicMilitarySchool for his entire life
i believe you could petition a GM to change his name if you wanted, since it had been reset in 2014.

just thought i’d see if anyone was interested in such an old character for use with skill injectors. i probably won’t sell him for atleast 2 weeks, so auction style starting at 3B.

(Lucky Bee) #2

4b offer, mail me when you rdy for transfer

(Kys) #3

5 bil

(Goldennuggets) #4

bump =)

(Goldennuggets) #5

bump .

(Nerdz Rool) #6

5.5B offer

(system) #7

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