WTS 127m 2005 PVE/PVP Character

Selling myself:
DONNY DARKETTE’s Skillboard || Eve Is ESI || A Third Party Eve Online App

Please note if the board hasn’t updated that I am out of the corp, checking my character in game will confirm.


In Hi-Sec (Docked)
Positive Wallet
No Kill Rights
Positive sec status
3 remaps available
Some JC located in HS

Donny can fly the vast majority of sub caps and is currently rounding off 3 races dread skills.

80B buyout, Money to this character, no time wasters.


Is there some reason why people offer 50% of the value of the SP, you would think that toon would sell for at least 100 bil.

I suppose some people don’t realise how much a character is worth. It’s partly my fault as I haven’t mentioned an isk amount, but i’m definitely looking for offers over 80B.

Do tej math…

Skill extractor = 580m
Large skill injector =880 (830m if you count sale tax)
Profit = 250 per LSI

243*250 = 60.75

Good price is under 70b character is not worth more then the SP you can extract.

Entirely incorrect.

You seem to think the Bazaar, and all the people selling, are here to make you a profit?

Believe it or not, some people may just want to buy a character that can fly things they currently can’t. Others may want (for whatever reason) a character that was created in the early days of the game.

There are so many more reasons to buy/sell than extracting SP.

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@DONNY_DARKETTE good luck waiting as you will be waiting a long long long time and it may never sell :rofl: consider my offer retracted…

If it doesn’t sell or takes a while, I’ve had the character since 2005, what’s a bit longer….

To sell it on the cheap so someone can extract it would be a sin. What a waste.

Any way, we both know where the other one stands. As much as I like the free bumps there is no need to for the back and forth in this thread.

consider 75B, if this charctor still avaliable

80B offer

81B , Donny you still here? Otherwise we are bidding for nothing.

82B Offer

85 billion ISK valid 24 hours.

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