WTS 2005 Clean No History Ready to Forceskilled Toon

Hey Capsuleers,
this is one of my very Old Clean Puppys. This Puppys are for Hardcore Players maybe want to Restart in a new Character with Clean History and beeing Old also. Many other possibilitys can make with this kind of Puppys. Just fill it with Skill Injectors and have fun! :slight_smile:

If u like to have Older or Other Toons, Contact me!

Name: Amarr Citizen 679700391
Yes thats right, this Name says you can Change it via CCP Dev to whatever Name u want.
Also the Look can be Modified from the Scratch!
Corp: Imperial Academy 2005-10-16 07:47 – Now (5178+ days)
Date of Birth: 2005-10-16
Skill Points: 882,040
Unallocated SP: -
Yearly Remap: 1
Bonus Remaps: 3

Eveboard: Amarr_Citizen_679700391

Starting: 9Bil
B/O: Hidden

5 B
(infos and Eveboard links are not correct by the way)

thx 4 bid , take it a bit higher and its urs

6 B :wink:

il accept ur offer u made ingame. Send isk like writed ingame and i will transfer the account

Ok but first, please, answer with the name of “Amarr_Citizen_679700391” to prouve you own that character.

contactet ingame

im for sale also

08 and 05 toons please.

ingame offer accepted, waiting for the isk

Offer in game Accepted
making isk transfer to two toons. just a sec.

Isk sent. account id sent ingame.

offer rejected from Roger Balek

isk reziefed, transfer done

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