WTS: Amarr Citizen - 3 revamps - 2005

I see a lot of people wanting this kind of thing so thought id give it a try
Name: Amarr Citizen (followed by numbers)
Year of birth: 2005
Corp: Same Corp as he logged in with
Sec status: 0.0
Revamps: 3
This char has done next to nothing since 2005 - a few skills but nothing more. if this sells ill do more as i’ve got about 5 or 6 from about the same time lol


pw plz?

Do you have any of them with Amarr bloodline and is male?
Also prefer from royal amarr institute.

Sorry didnt mean to add a password. should be removed now

thx, are you gonna post the rest?

ill have to pull them all together.
since 2004 i have had a lot off accounts (mostly nothing done with them like that one) once done tho ill add them. would do it now but just about to head off to work.

one thing i will add tho. am sure the rest will be the same as this one. when i logged in i had to sculpt the character again so when i do log in to the others i would think id be able to do the same. something someone might be a bonus to.

ok im willing to pay you 5 bil for one.
just need to be amarr bloodline, in RIN, and male.
actually you dont need to log them in i think.
i can send isk to your main character, and the transfer can be done.

5.5 B here

6 kkk

6.5 B

8 bil
This bid is no longer valid.

Was unsure if I needed to post with the char that was for sale so thought I would just in case that was part if ccp rules.
Due to the interest of that char I will end the auction on Sunday 12pm eve time and sale of the char will follow to highest bidder Or I will take a buyout of 15 bill.
Note: I will post other chars I have for sale at somepoint but due to the transfer fee involved I can’t do all them at the same time.
real life and all that jazz!
Thanks all


You can use PLEX to transfer characters, it costs 1000 PLEX.

Good plan. Know what I’ll be buying after this sale then eh ha

I’ve sent you an EVEmail, when you will have time :wink:

5 bil offer

I’ll try get online to see before I head to work mate

The last valid bid was mine @ 6.5 B

OK :wink: