WTS 40.2M SP 2005 Character

Hi there,

I am cutting back on the number of characters I have and so am putting this one up for sale fully in accordance with CCP’s rules for character sales.

Here is the EvESkillboard link : https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Fyde_Harkonnen

Character is a solid base for further training - would rather see him used rather than extracted, but whatever.

He’s located in Amarr.
NPC Corp.

Starting bid 27B
Buyout 35B

27 bill


28 bill

29 bill

Sent you a couple of questions in game.

30b offer

Answered. 30 is a little too low thanks.

I’ll offer your the buyout.

Accepted. Please send isk and account name. I’ll be on in around an hour or so to process.

Okay, logging in now. Won’t be long.

Online now for the next hour or so. If I miss you please send ISK and account name and I will transfer asap.

No sign of buyer, ISK or account name. :confused:

Will wait a few more hours then reopen the sale with Coca highest bidder at 30b.

Hello. I can offer 31b?

Thanks for the offer, but I think he is worth a little more than 31.

ok, 32?

I’ll accept 32 for him.

Send ISK and account name and I will transfer.

Isk and account info sent, ready for transfer

ISK and account name received. I have transferred him to the designated account.


I’ve recieved the email. Thank you very much!

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