For sale: 2007 character (Amarr) - Clean employment history (Imperial Academy 10+ years)

~5mil SP
Clean employment history (Imperial Academy for 10+ years)
extra attribute point; legacy
Located in high-sec (Amarr)
Positive ISK
No killrights
All fair according to transfer rules

Taking offers here, please do not message in game.

Thanks for looking!

I’ll start this off with 3.5b

I Offer 3b for this pretty guy.
And isk is ready .

I like your char, want to buy, what about 3.6b?



have seen my bid 3,6b? if you have seen it, why do you say only bump, why do not start to communicate…
How much you want for this toon?

4 bil. If char still for sale

4,25 bil

5 bil

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