WTS 2005 Very Qualified Transport Char / Details in Thread

Want to sell myself


Located in Jita 4-4
Positive Wallet
Security Status -0.1
No Kills Rights
No Corp History (Players owned corps, of course)
Attributes: Remap available 3 bonus remaps
Can fly Amaar and Caldari Freighters, BR and DST (Mastered V)

No Combat Skills, as stated on Add, a Very Qualified Transport Char

Start Bid - 21 Bill
Buy out - Best offered / considered as good price (take your time, not in a rush)

All CCP Rules Apply. and ill pay for transfer.

24b offer

Thank you for you offer!

Since it´s a free bump, Ill consider it as the daily bump

/Energetic Bumpzor II

How much to take it off your hands right now?

Make me a “oke, you can take her” offer : )

26b rn, only avail til tomo

If it´s 26b you final, don´t wait til tomo.

Thanks for offering tho!

/Electro Bumpzor III

/Le Bumpleur IV

Would you accept 27B as a reasonable offer?

Considering. Could you go 28b?

Yes, 28B would be fine with me.

Accepted, awaiting for isks and account details for the char transfer.

Edit ** Please let me know, as soon as possible, if for some reason you backed up on you offer **

Meanwhile, this still going

Money transferred and account details sent via ingame mail.

Isk received, transfer initialized, Take good care of Juliana

Please reply here when char is received , so Thread can be closed.

Char received, thread can be closed.

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