WTS 2007 20m SP Nyx Pilot - No Any History

WTS а 2007 completely pure character without any history.

Can fly on Nyx\Thanatos\Ninazu

  • No Kill Rights history
  • No Corp history
  • Positive Wallet
  • Located in Jita
  • The best option is to start the game with a clean slate

Starting Bid - 20B
Buyout - 30B


10b offer if no other

11b here

i can do 12b






I replied to you in DM

Nyx pilot but it says fighters etc is zero?

Yes. A small problem for a couple of injections

16bil offer

No thanks) Add an extra 9 billion and the character is yours.

You want 25bill for 20m SP? :eyes:

The main thing about this character is not the number of SPs, but his transparent and clean history since 2007. There are people who are interested in it. Best regards.



OK. Sold for 20. Send ISK and write the name of the account to transfer this character