WTS 2007 Character

Date of Birth: 20th of August, 2007
Wallet: 0.00 ISK
Location: Jita IV - Moon 4
Allocated SP: ~1 700 000
Unallocated SP: 1 035 000
Kill Rights: None
Jump Clones: None
Corporation: Center for Advanced Studies, 5592 days

Considering an auction starting at 3.0B and a buyout of 6B, not quite sure what these toons go for.

How much you asking for the beauty ?

Auction starting at 3B and a buyout of 6B, not really sure what old characters go for :person_shrugging:

3 billion isk

Bump, 3B leading offer thus far. :smile:

Bumperoni, there doesn’t seem to be too much interest in this - @Friedricer are you still interested? :slight_smile:

Yes I am

Copy that, I’ll send you an EVE mail with the character to receive the ISK. :slight_smile:

Rules says its have to be same character you selling

Ah sorry, that’s fair. Let me relog to that character :+1:

Account information and 3 billion isk sent for transfer of Lt Nirmada to my account

Confirmed received, will transfer the character as soon as possible. https://secure.eveonline.com/transfer-character is currently down?


Nvm, it works in incognito mode. Guess my cache is messed up, will start the transfer right away! :smile:

Apologies for the delay, EVE seems to be having some server issues. The transfer has started. :+1:

Character arrived. Thanks for trade :slight_smile:

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