[WTS] 2009 4.47mil transporting alt

(Gods Monk) #1

2009 4.47mil transporting alt for sale. I trained another one on a different account so I no longer need this guy. Starting at 4b. 5.5b buyout.

Caldari Indy: V
Spaceship Command: V
Transport Ship: 3
Mining Barge: 4
Caldari Frig: V
Missile Launcher Operation: V
Shield Operation: V
Several other skills.

A cheap and useful alt. Ready to do your transporting needs.
Positive isk wallet. Located in Amarr.

Pass: 5432

(Gods Monk) #2

3.7b private offer. Bump.

(Ishtar Specialist) #3

4.5b right now

(system) #4

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