WTS 59m SP PvP Focused alt (Links V)

I am for sale.
I would make a great pvp alt, able to provide all links, good at EWAR and a good base to build upon.

SKILLBOARD: Astra Voss Skill & Standings Sheet (tools4eve.com)


  • Magic 14 - 100% trained
  • Perfect Gunnery support skills
  • Perfect Missile support skills
  • Great navigation skills
  • All pvp links specs trained to 5 (shield, skirmish, info, armor)
  • Interdictors / Command destroyers V

Comes with +5 implant set
Located in Jita
Positive wallet
No killrights
-1.6 sec status
In NPC Corp

Starting bid: 42b

Thanks, buy something else :slight_smile:

47b bid, will be able to send isk after work in 10 hours


Apologies, missed your comments. If you are still interested I am fine with 47b :slight_smile:


isk and account info sent ingame

Thanks. Transfer has started.
Sorry for the delay but eve transfer service seems to have some issues currently,

char received, thank you