[Sold] WTS 50m SP — PVP alt: T2 frigates/cruisers + cyno V / astro V

Selling this 50m SP skirmish / solo PVP pilot:

  • 50.5m SP
  • 4 remaps available
  • -2.3 SS, positive wallet, no kill rights
  • 2 jump clones available (1 in hi-sec, 1 in 0.0)

Can ride a lot of things:

  • T1 frigates / cruisers / BC / BS: all races
  • interdictors: all races
  • T2 frigates: minmatar / caldari / amarr
  • T2 cruisers: minmatar / gallente
  • S/M/L projectile turret V
  • S/M hybrid turret V
  • rocket/light/heavy missiles V
  • cyno V / astro V / anchoring V

Goes great with this main: WTS 91m SP — Gallente SuperCap, great Calda/Gall PVP, explorer, T3, etc (can make a discount if you buy both at the same time)

Confirming I’m for sale!

45b offered on wtb thread-
let me know if theres a b/o available

@Mara_Bates thanks for the offer. I’m not in a hurry, I’ll let the sale continue for a bit.
B/O is at 49b.

49b offered. i’d prefer to have a character by new years eve :slight_smile:

Ok, done. I’m downloading the client to complete the transfer.

KK. isk will come from alt, this character will be cc’d in the mail with acct info.

Account details and isk sent.

Thanks. Client is downloading, it’ll be a few hours, sorry.

No worries- let me know when transfer is started.

49b isk received and transfer started to account given in eve-mail. Thanks!

Transfer receipt received, will confirm once it’s complete, but in the meantime- thanks!

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