[SOLD] 44M SP - Stellar Cruiser/Destroyer/Frigate Pilot


All-around amazing cruiser and below pilot (including T3s). Perfect gunnery support skills, can use all three T2 small turret types and energy/autocannon medium T2 turrets. Strong missile support skills, with HML trained to V.

All Cruiser/Destroyer/Frigate for each race is trained to V. Interdictors and covops are trained to V, with scanning skills to IV. Logistics Cruisers V is also trained, making this a perfect pilot for fleet fights in literally any support role. Armor comps all leveled to V. Has standings to run L4 Sansha missions, making it an ideal Stain pilot, along with social skills to get reasonably good LP return.

Positive sec status, positive wallet, no kill rights on the character. Only clone is located at Ammold V - Republic Military School, but Infomorph Psychology is trained to V. Corp mail sent and has been dropped to NPC corp. The name is also pretty funny, so that’s also a plus.

Bidding starts at 35B. Willing to accept buyout, if deemed reasonable.

Bump. Forgot to mention - one remap available instantly on the character.

33 bil

34 bil

35 bil

35.5 bil

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Bump. Will likely give this a few more days before deciding on highest bidder.


Offer from Gattenera accepted. Looks like this is as high as it’ll go. Who should I begin the transfer to after ISK is sent?

if noone reply, i offer 34 b.

36b, ready to bo

Current new high. If no one has a higher bid, I’ll accept the buyout offer.

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I have sent you and eve mail as confirmation of out deal.
Waiting for your update

Replied. Assuming no higher buyout orders than currently on the table, it’s Nullsec Trading Inc’s for 36B.

Money has been sent.
36 BIL ISK (36000000`000 ISK)
Account name mailed

Awaiting for the transfer

Just woke up. ISK confirmed. Beginning the transfer now. Thank you for your patronage!

Transfer initiated! Thanks!

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