WTS 44,5 Mil SP Cruiser pilot


Your perfect PvE pilot anywhere in the galaxy. Can solo anything up to 8/10.

Can use every small/medium T2 weapon systems, rockets, LM, HAM.

Can fly vedmak with T2 weapon.

Comes with two sets of mid-grade Asklepian sets with gunnery implants, one set of mid-grade Snake set with missile and hacking implants and one set of mid-grade Crystal set with missile implants.

1 Bonus Remap
Positive Wallet
5.0 Sec Status
No Kill rights
Located in Jita
NPC Corp
Isk to me, I pay transfer.

Starting bid 40b, B/O 50b

B/O 50B

Ok, send isk and account info then I will start the transfer.

Isk and account info sent.

ISK and account info received, character transfer initiated.

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