WTS - Trade/Freighter Alt With Some Random Skills - 15.7m SP

(Kyra Ibis) #1

I’d like to sell my unused trading/ freighter alt. She has some random skills too like gunnery V and missile launcher op V. Here is a link to her eveboard:


I added a new skillboard below for her, sorry for the delay!

New EVE Skill Board!


She has a good name, here are some highlights:

  • Incredible Trading Skills
  • Caldari Industrial V
  • Caldari Freighters (Charon)
  • Advanced Spaceship Command V
  • JF skillbook injected

She would be a fantastic ISK making alt, or a solid starting point for a combat pilot. Her skills are spread around, but she has them where they count too for the right role :slight_smile:

Starting bid is 8b, will leave it open until next weekend or until I someone offers me my buyout or better :smiley:

Instant B/O is 14.5b

All CCP rules apply, located in high sec, positive wallet and sec status, no killrights, seller pays transfer fee.

Thanks for looking and best of luck bidding!

(yipcool) #2

Will start bid at 8b

(Kyra Ibis) #3

Thanks for the bid! Daily Bump

(little casket) #4

I want to know the level of JDC, thx

(Kyra Ibis) #5

Daily bump, sorry no jump skills injected in her atm.

(Hei Presto) #6

Could post your character here please http://eveskillboard.com

(bagginz thsmine) #7

cant even read the skill board, maybe u need to repost

(Hei Presto) #8

It does work. You need to login using your account info and you are able to pick which character you would like to post for people to see.

(TxivYawg1) #9

9 bil

(Kyra Ibis) #10

Sorry was busy with work and never got to check the thread, thanks for the bid! Will let it run for another 24 hours and I’ll accept the highest bid.

(Kyra Ibis) #11

Also added a new skillboard, see the original post at the top of the page

(Armin Quark) #12


(TxivYawg1) #13

10 bil

(tate dark) #14


(Kyra Ibis) #15

Offer accepted, please send ISK and account

(tate dark) #16

isk sent and ingame mail with account sent

(Kyra Ibis) #17

Okay thanks, will login and get transfer rolling :slight_smile:

(Kyra Ibis) #18

Confirmed, ISK and account info received, transfer initiated, you should get an email shortly.

(system) #19

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