WTS 8.1M SP Caldari Freighter Pilot (Mastery V) With Implants

All Caldari Charon skills perfect (Mastery V - image below) with complementary Mid-grade Ascendancy set.

Also includes Informorph 3, Contracts 4, Cybernetics V.

Charon not included.

Skillboard: EveSkillboard - Tharik Lunin

Can you link your skillboard plz ?

Hi Linoaa, apologies - first time selling a char. Skillboard linked in original post.

3.5B offer

Would you be open to 5.5? That’s a multibillion ISK discount from the market cost of injectors.


4.2 billion

4.3 Bil :slight_smile:

Hi Vicky, were you still interested in this toon?

I can offer 4.5b

Offer 4.3bill

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