WTS 2009 Gila pilot 4.9mil sp

Basic and clean 2009 character.


  • SP at time of posting : 4.874.628, of which 425.000 is Free SP
  • Gila + VNI pilot with nice drone skills and alright missile skills
  • 2 bonus remaps and currently specced for Int/Mem
  • No standings, kill rights, or corp history, positive wallet at 0
  • In jita 4-4

Transfer will be done via plex. Contact me @CaFi#6098 on discord to get a hold of me easier, as I’m getting on a plane tomorrow. So, I’ll probably look to complete the sale this weekend, sorry if it’s inconvenience.

bumping this before I go


I’ll take it for 4.2bil b/o

Considering the price of plex, I think I’m better off keeping it at that price, sorry, but I would consider 4.5b as a bid
Also, bump




bumping, updated OP

Willing to offer you 4.6b b/o

I have accepted this offer, transfer me isk and account name and I will submit transfer

isk sendt and accaount name sendt

Received. Transfer request submitted, SUPPORT REQUEST #887270

Character is recieved! thanks for quick and easy shopping / handling!

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