[WTS] 200m PVP 2004 Char - 52mil Gunnery! ALL Sub Cap + Cap MULTI Races + Aeon

http://eveboard.com/pilot/dudley - being sold.

200mil sp! Can fly most of pvp ships in game quite efficiently!

Can fly Minmatar, Amarr, Gallente Dreads
Can fly Gallente, Amarr carriers and Aeon

Almost maxed out gunnery with 52.5mil sp in it, combined with 51mil sp in spaceship command makes it great and agile character which can easily adapt to any needed fleet doctrine.

No issue with standings, can travel anywhere. No kill rights.

Remap available.

Genolution core implants set plugged in + additional jump clone with the same set + AM-705 and RL-1005 based in null. Two empty clones - one installed in low sec and another in null.

Around dozen of skins (10-12)

Positive Wallet

Located in Jita

I will cover the transfer fee.

I reserve the right to not sell if not satisfied with the best offer. Auction ends on 15th September unless BO - 200b is reached before that. Isk will be transfered to this char.

Start it of at 1b ISK, keep offers in this topic please.

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160bil from me

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162 bil

Thanks for the offer, we got this going! Daily bump!





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167 bil cash

167.5 bil

Good luck mate. Its a hard thing selling old char like that . Do not let it cheap I say

Thanks, hopefully I will get what it is worth for, getting there slowly :slight_smile:

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170 bil ingame offer, auction time shortened till 15th september.

171bil buy offer