WTS 2010 toon with really great name - 20 mil SP

(Aolan) #1

Born in 2010. No history at all.
Really great short name: Aolan

20 million SP in Drones.
Password: 12345

Location: Jita
Wallet: Positive
Security Status: Positive (0.00)
No Kill Rights
Remaps: 3

Start Bid: 14 Bil
B/O: 18 Bil

I’ll pay transfer.
All CCP rules applied.

(angelfishanna rose) #2

:sweat_smile:can’t use any ship???

(Aolan) #3

These days SP means nothing, you can buy any points. This toon is good for main char. OFC, you have to put something in it :smiley:

(angelfishanna rose) #4

buy this id ,i must buy more Large Skill Injector can be use ship

(Viper Ho) #5

Drone powah… i like it… . but by the free will : who is involved @ training for the Aolan?? Drone AI or human brains?

(angelfishanna rose) #6

I think the drons ai controls his brain


(angelfishanna rose) #7

i think i will pay 8b buy this id

(Jax Kinrashi) #8

8.5b is what I’ll do.

(Aolan) #9

Start bid is 14 Bil.

(Falcon ThePilot) #10

I would pay 10bil for that

(Aolan) #11

daily bump

(angelfishanna rose) #12

If can be cheaper, I will buy,Because i must buy more Large Skill Injector,don’t have more isk

(Aolan) #13

daily bump

(angelfishanna rose) #14


(HeavEnd Infinite) #15

I would pay 12bil for that.

(Aolan) #16

Start bid is 14 Bil.
I can get 12 Bil just selling my SP ingame, and I will still save the char with 5,5 Mil SP, cmon.

(Gafton) #17

I’ve sat here looked at your pilot thinking wtf to do with it how long would it take etc etc very nice drones but wtf was you thinking I do 12.5 bil and tbh it would have to sit in a station doing nothing for at least 3 to 4 mths if not longer ,do yourself a favour suck the life out of it and move on

(fang Thellere) #18

someone will buy it for a better price just be patient. I will bid once my toon sells if its still available

(angelfishanna rose) #19

14B,If there is a higher price, I quit

(Aolan) #20

First proper bid :ok_hand: