WTS 133m SP Combat Focused 2010 Pilot

Combat pilot


Location: Rens
Corp: NPC
Wallet Balance: positive
Kill rights: None
Unallocated Skills: 1,262,000
Jump Clones: 7

Implants: (1) mid-grade slave, (1) mid-grade snake, (1) +5 set and assorted others
Remaps Available: 3

Please don’t expect immediate response, I’m not in-game much atm. Will check every other day or so. Good luck and Thanks!

120 Billion ISK right here

125 b

Don’t sell, come back to EVE brother!

Thank you for bidding. I’ll wait a little longer to see if I can get a better price. I was told a good rule of thumb is 1 billion isk per 1 million sp and that’s for indy characters. Provided offers so far haven’t considered the cost of implants in the price. Anybody else interested in bidding on me? We’re not far from an accepted offer. Try again.

i’m so sorry but i left this auction and get my bid back :confused:

Not a problem Steel. It should be right for both of us. Take care.

Best I can do is 130 Billion ISK

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