WTS 2011 Blank Toon - No corp history, Clean all around


Remaps: 3 (2 bonus, 1 normal)
0 Corp History
Positive wallet, positive sec, no kill rights, located in HS, no JC

4b b/o

How much you looking for?

Well I will be using plex transfer so need to cover that at least. Not sure if 2011 is old enough to be valuable, or if this kind of clean character is valuable.

Daily Bump, Looking for all offers over plex transfer charge which is like 2.9b.

Daily bump.

Edit: 3b

That gets me a total 100m profit …not really worth it unfortunately

Good luck o/

Sunday funday, best time to buy a new pilot

Up we go, pilot still available


Up we go, still for sale

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