WTS 2012 71mil SP PVP/MinerFC/Force Recon!(sold to Kirusu Orlenard)

Check Skills!
Mainly used for PVP
has many bigs ships it can fly!
Has mining skills
has force recon skills
Perfect Engineering
1 bil + assets
no kill rights
2 jump clones near jita
In Nullsec

@Sensibale_Sausage the posted character must respond in this thread confirming they are for sale. If this is not done within the next 24 hours, this thread will be locked.

What are you talking about??? no one responded yet?

can i do this now its meee

@Sensibale_Sausage review rules for this section here: Welcome to the Character Bazaar


37B isk offer

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yes lets do it

Sure, I’ll be at my PC in ~8hours from now, will send you ISK and EVE mail with transfer details then

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ISK and account info sent to Wladimir Borsuk, please let me know when you start the transfer.

P.S: I’ve sent 37.5B to make it fair :stuck_out_tongue:

All done! Will be there in 10 hours

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