WTS 96M SP -- PI / Rorq / Mining Pilot -Sold-

I want to sell myself…

Skillpoints total 96.944.061
assigned SP 93.431.061
unassigned SP 3.513.000

Good Boost Skills
Good PI Skills
Positive Sec Status
No Killrights
Character in NPC Corp

Start Bid 30B

42B Offer

(OP has corrected this)

62b offer

looks like my first miner char, i like you 64b ,

64.5b offer

Bump to the Top!


Another Bump to the Top!

2 Bumps left, then the new Owner will be announced

last Push before the End…

The new Owner is Vashj_Bloodbane for 70b
You got an Ingame Mail.

Vashj_Bloodbane withdrew his offer, as he stated in a mail.

So back on the Market…

Buyout 80b

Pushed again…

fantastic toon, wish I had the isk

No idea where it stands, but I will up my bid to 49B.

was the last valid offer…



65 B/O

Highest Bid 65B
If no higher bids in the next 2 days arrive, it is yours