WTS 96M SP -- PI / Rorq / Mining Pilot -Sold-


Highest Bid 65B
Highest Bid Holly Kleric

If no higher bids in the next 1 days arrive, it is yours

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Sold to Holly Kleric for 65B

I send you an ingame Mail

Still no response from Holly Kleric…
I will wait another day, then it is for Sale again

55bil real offer - valid for 24 hours only. isk ready to be sent if accepted.

60B and we have a deal

no thank you. thats out of my budget.

since there are no real offers, just fakes out there…

This char is back on the Market

57b offer can get if off you right now

60B is minimum Offer / Byout

I can do 60b Sure


sending isk and account info

ISK received :white_check_mark:
Character Transfer started :white_check_mark:
Character Transfer payed :white_check_mark:

Estimated End of Transfer 28-Sep-2022 02:16:03

Character received. Thank you

it was a pleasure doing business with you.

Take good care of my big sister :slight_smile:

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