WTS 2013/09/07 Char (Deleted)(Close)

Need space in my account. If no good offer, i will delete it.

Born in 2013/09/07
Touble Maker Skill & Standings Sheet (tools4eve.com)

  1. Wallet balance
    0 isk

  2. Kill rights
    No kill rights

  3. Jump clones
    No jump clone

  4. Character location

10m isk lol

Honestly since you have to pay real money to transfer, you may actually be better off biomassing with the low amount of SP

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100%, i doubt anyone will offer anything worthy of the 20$ price to transfer

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Your better option is to biomass the character and create a new one. You will start with 350 k - 400 k sp.
You better use that transfer cost ($20) to buy omega or PLEX.
You will also be able to redeem 1 million skill points considering that you have an old account.
For it, you should use a redeem link. Use your own from another account if you have one instead of using other people’s codes unless they’re giving some rewards to you.


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