WTS 20M SP Orca Pilot (2013 DOB) - SOLD

Hi everyone, I am for sale ! :wink:

  • My Birthday is in 2013
  • Localized in High Sec
  • Positive security statuts
  • Specialized to fly an Orca (Great Boosting Alt)
  • Decent drones skills (Mining Drones Level 5)
  • Positive bank

Fiona Horizon

Starting Bid: 15B
Buy Out: 22B

offer 15b

Thank you for the Bid. I’ll accept for a quick sell.

Please send ISK and account name for transfer to this toon in game.

Isk and Account Info Sent PM here nad in game

complete send

Confirmed ISK received, begining transfer process now.

Transfer started.


Enjoy, thank you!

I’m still waiting for confirmation in my email and nothing has arrived

Transfer is DONE and complete. thnks for bussines.

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