WTS 20Mil SP Combat Pilot Min/Cal


I am selling myself a 20mil SP combat pilot. I can fly Minmatar and Caldari ships, with a focus on Projectiles and Missiles. I have outstanding support skills and great drone skills. Everything you need to PvP or PvE. I have 670k of unallocated SP as well.

  • Character has positive security status
  • Character has positive Wallet
  • Character has no kill rights
  • Character is located in high security space - Jita IV
  • Character is in an NPC corporation(not yet updated on the skillboard)
  • Character has two jumpclones in Jita and Hek
  • Character has two remaps available
  • All CCP rules apply

Starting Bid: 12B
Buyout: 18B

@Cyrus_Sebiestor 9 bill


15 b b/o ?

18b b/o

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