WTS - 21 Mil SP Focused Gallente/Cladari Battlecruiser

(Mikieus Madius) #1

The skill points currently stand in game at 21,513,962 and focused on Gallente and Cladari Cruiser/Battle cruiser warfare.
(No Minmatar or Amarr ship skills trained)

Timezone UK GMT
Buy Out or Highest Bid on Sunday 17/2/19 downtime wins

Mikieus Madius

Selling Myself
Good Name and History (210/267 days in one corp)
Positive wallet (65 million)
No Kill rights
Bonus Remaps 2
Security Status 0.1
Located in : Sarum Prime in fitted Ferox (ship comes with sale)

I will pay transfer by card, used for this account to-date.
Alt Account which I will transfer the Isk to is Mikieus Monieus

Training Gallente Battlecruise II - 3 Hours remaining
Queued Capacitor Management - 19 Hours remaining
Missile Bombartment - 9 Days remaining

Starting bid 13 bil
BO 17 bil

Looking for a subcap specialist around 30m sp
(Mikieus Madius) #2

Looking to conclude this sale by Saturday/Sunday

(ruoliu) #3

13b to start

(Maizie Fields) #4

15 bil

(Mikieus Madius) #5

Hi Maizie Fields, I have sent and ingame mail. o7

(Maizie Fields) #6

Hi Mike, responded with proposal in-game!

(Mikieus Madius) #7

This to confirm that the character has been sold to Maizie as per terms agreed upon in game".

(Mikieus Madius) #8

Confirmed receipt of ISK, initiating character transfer process.

(Maizie Fields) #9

Thanks, Mike, for another great character and smooth transaction!

(Mikieus Madius) #10

Thank you again Maizie, likewise very much appreciated, great doing business with you.

I have received the receipt. “You have chosen to transfer the character Mikieus Madius to the account named ********.”

and thank you for prompt response and payment Hope you get much enjoyment from them, Fly Safe o7

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