WTS - 21 Mil SP Focused Gallente/Cladari Battlecruiser

The skill points currently stand in game at 21,513,962 and focused on Gallente and Cladari Cruiser/Battle cruiser warfare.
(No Minmatar or Amarr ship skills trained)

Timezone UK GMT
Buy Out or Highest Bid on Sunday 17/2/19 downtime wins

Mikieus Madius

Selling Myself
Good Name and History (210/267 days in one corp)
Positive wallet (65 million)
No Kill rights
Bonus Remaps 2
Security Status 0.1
Located in : Sarum Prime in fitted Ferox (ship comes with sale)

I will pay transfer by card, used for this account to-date.
Alt Account which I will transfer the Isk to is Mikieus Monieus

Training Gallente Battlecruise II - 3 Hours remaining
Queued Capacitor Management - 19 Hours remaining
Missile Bombartment - 9 Days remaining

Starting bid 13 bil
BO 17 bil

Looking to conclude this sale by Saturday/Sunday

13b to start

15 bil

Hi Maizie Fields, I have sent and ingame mail. o7

Hi Mike, responded with proposal in-game!

This to confirm that the character has been sold to Maizie as per terms agreed upon in game".

Confirmed receipt of ISK, initiating character transfer process.

Thanks, Mike, for another great character and smooth transaction!

Thank you again Maizie, likewise very much appreciated, great doing business with you.

I have received the receipt. “You have chosen to transfer the character Mikieus Madius to the account named ********.”

and thank you for prompt response and payment Hope you get much enjoyment from them, Fly Safe o7

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