Hi All I am for sale my link is
TheToothFairy Skill & Standings Sheet (tools4eve.com)
Besides the great name this pilot has i also have a lot of skills focus

No kill Rights
Implants ( Full set of High Grade Amulet Set with EM-703 -EM-803 -RF-905-HG-1003)low sec
Wallet is Positive
Location is Jita
Any Questions please ask
starting bid 150
b/o Lets see the colour of your isk

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please update skillboard, it shows 211.8m sp
offer 170b

thank for the offer and it has been updated

180b offer

thank you for the offer Zloy is not more intrest i will sell to you tonight when i get home

ok then I’ll send the isk and the character

data and isk sent

pilot is on hold up CCP sort out what is up


185b offer

190b offer

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