WTS: 21m. SP Allrounder

WTS: My Self :slight_smile:

21m Skillpoints +
no imps
no kill rights
in jita
positive wallet
no jc
1 remap
NPC Corp

I pay the transfer

Starts with 12B ISK

12 B. Ready for trade


14b. T2 ships are restricted in FW so none of ships skills at 5 isnโ€™t a huge problem.

15b offer


Looking for a bit more :slight_smile:

Iโ€™ll go as far as 15.5B.

want the money>?

Sold for 15.5 B to Metrid Yotosala.

sent isk and eve mail

received, character is in transfer. o7 thx for buying me :slight_smile:

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