WTS 21M SP Caldari Focused (SOLD)

Unallocated SP 756,835 Skillpoints
Allocated SP 21,093,387 Skillpoints
Total SP 21,850,222 Skillpoints

Slot 1: Ocular Filter - Improved
Slot 2: Memory Augmentation - Improved
Slot 3: Neural Boost - Improved
Slot 4: Cybernetic Subprocessor - Improved
Slot 5: Social Adaptation Chip - Improved

Located will in Jita 4 Spacestation
Positive wallet balance
In NPC corp
No kill rights

Starting at 17B

Skillboard link is broken friendo. FYI

Ty. I think it was set to private? Does it work now?

It does. Still shows player corp though.

Working now. Id go 11b buyout, available now.

19b b/o valid for 12 hours

I accept that. Mrs Mino. Waiting for payment and transfer information.

Money and account info sended via Eve Mail

Mrs. Mino I have received the ISK and began character transfer to the account you send me in Eve Mail.

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thx have a nice day

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Account is sold.

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