WTS 21mil Combat/Indy Char

21,277,551 SP with 2,068,027 unallocated
Docked at Perimeter II - Moon 1 - Caldari Navy Assembly Plant
NPC Corp
Date of Birth 9.01.2007
Wallet is 0
No Kill Rights
No Jump Clones Active - Can have 2 active
Basic +3 All Implants
Remaps - 3 bonus
Alpha Status

Contact Fedasil in game or reply here.

Let the bidding begin!

Clone status is irrelevant fyi

15 bil isk ready o7

Offer Accepted

Skillpage not working.


Account ID and ISK sent to General Reven

Please respond here when you initiate character transfer o7

Transfer Complete.

Thanks, Enjoy

Thank you.
Will confirm here after I receive the character o7

Character Received o7

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