WTS 21mil combat Toon


20B BO

I accept your offer of 20b.


Ok the offer to LocalH3ro is resinded. Navo_st transfer the isk send me a in game convo for character transfer.

Give me 24 hours to prepare

If you want the deal you must send the isk asap. cant promise 24 hrs.

OK,I am going to sign up for an account and then sell the plex.

It may be ready within 1 hour.

Please note: for security reasons, PLEX delivery may be delayed by up to one hour after purchase.
Please wait

Im off to work now i’ll be back on in about 10 hrs. deliver the isk and i’ll make the transfer.

no problem

if offers are still welcome, i offer 22Bil isk

Info and payment sent

I will log on in a couple hours, sorry for the delay life happens :slight_smile:

It’s ok

Isk received Character transferred. Happy Trails!!

get it

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