WTS 22,9 M SP - SOLD

sold sold sold

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10 bil

no can’t accept that

11 billion isk

no sorry not below 14 b




13 billion

ye ok i can agree for 13 b
send isk and mail me account to transfer

Message sent

got isK and email today after work 3-4 h i will start transfer

character transfer complete from my side have fun.

Received. Happy cooperation

You have been banned permanently. The reason specified was: Breach of EULA (RMT involvement) - Permanent Ban????????oh my god!!!!

Permanent ban for purchased character? Keep us posted with updates :popcorn:

I don’t know why I was permanently banned

There are no results at the moment

which idiot deleted the first post? and which character was the ban placed on?

The role has been traded. I only used it for 8 days