WTS 22.9m SP character (440k unallocated SP) scanner/null ratter

Cheers for the offer, but think will extract myself

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Stripping this will mean you lose money, due to the 5M cap rule on Extractors. I was on about extracting it and then injecting again into the various skills i would need…

Again 12.5B is on the cards for you today.

13.5 to 14b would be lowest I would go, if dosent sell i will extract

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Will offer 13B right now.

Can you let me know if u wish to trade please.

Will hold for what am looking for

Ok 13.5 Deal, tell me when ur ready to trade.


13.7 b



14,000,000,000, any higher I’m out

I’m out

Took too long and ended up buying another toon, am out

Sorry guys got busy IRL, still for sale

13.5B Right now

Have messaged you in-game regarding the purchase. Please let me know.

Didnt receive any message in game

Bump, now 865k unallocated SP

Still for sale

Title changed to reflect character