WTS 22.9m SP character (440k unallocated SP) scanner/null ratter

WTS myself

  • In NPC corp
  • Positive Isk
  • No Kill rights
  • No Jump Clones
  • Character is located in HS
  • I obv pay transfer

Make me an offer

10b offer

10.5b offer

11b offer


Hoping for a bit more, will keep this running

Bid withdrawn

Thanks for the offers, will keep it running, looking for more

Looks like wrong time to sell, in no rush, so will continue till I get an acceptable offer

What are you looking for? Maybe that would help us know where were at?

I was looking for 16b

Up we go

Still for sale

Pre weekend bump

Still selling

Still for sale, will let this go for a few more days b4 I will strip

Still for sale

Up till the weekend

12.5B B/O Today Only. I will have to Extract this to make it remotely decent, the skills are not focused Atall.

Online now if u want to trade?