WTS 229m Sp pvp pilot

Looking to sell my pilot as I no longer play eve.

Can fly a vast majority of sub caps.

Would make excellent main character or a combat alt.
No kill rights
-0.2 security status

located in Jita.
2005 character


Buyout 190b

Beautiful skill sheet. Do you have a price in mind?

Not atm to be honest as Ive never sold a character with this amount of SP beforeā€¦ Hoping for 150b plus.

160 bil

165b offered

167 bil

170b offered

172 bil

175b offered

176 bil

im willing to accept 176b

im online now for anyone interested in the character

OK, so we have a deal at 176b? I will send ISK and acc info in 2-3 hours when I am at my PC

yeah 176b offer accepted. Once isk is received I will start the transfer


ISK and acc info sent.

isk received, character transfer begun.


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