WTS 22million recon + t3 + frigate V pilot with cyno V

Selling the character Astariner:

-5.4 security status, will fix if requested
positive isk wallet
no kill rights
located in highsec starting system near jita

Starting at 12b OBO

Will accept an offer in the next coming week.

Confirming i am for sale.

10 bill

14 bill

i can accept this offer if no other higher offers are made later this week or whenever i receive my card. @PP_Clone_Kuharah

bumping this. little time remains. @PP_Clone_Kuharah if you still want it, please let me know

15b buyout

i can accept this if no other offer has been made by tomorrow @Caldari_Citizen_2120535128

ok give me 24h for prepare

Keep in mind char for sale gets isk not OP

this pilot is not in an NPC corp which makes this sale a violation, it will be reported

the character is in an npc corp, and has not been updated appropriately on the skillboard; if you were to check the character ingame @BigDaddy_Hognutz

Isk has ready

Which account should I put the isk into

Hey are you here

ISK goes to the character they are selling you.

isk had sent and Please transfer the character to this account [Edit @ISD_Drew removed account information.]
Thank you

Can you copy

Do you copy bro

i will intitate transfer when i get home later today. @Caldari_Citizen_2120535128