WTS 23.7milsp Maximum mining capacity T2 Rorqual pilot

*1mil unallocated skill points

Every character is normal( *No standings, kill rights, or corp history, positive wallet at 0

  • In jita )

Key Skills
Capital lindustrial ships V
Drone Interfacing V
Drone Durability V
Drone Navigation V
lce Harvesting Drone Operation V
lce Harvesting Drone Specialization V

*I’ll pay in cash,not PLEX,so the transfer will be quick
Starting bids 24b

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25B rdy

26b offer


28bil offer

Ok, we have a deal

Please send email and isk

If the opponent refuses, I am ready to buy.

If this transaction doesn’t go through I am interested as well.

I have another account and the same skill, I’ll post it again soon.If there is any need, please pay attention to it :slight_smile:

Payment will be made in 8 hours. Is that all right?


Sorry. I didn’t scrape up all the IKs to give up buying

@Absinthe_Ijonen Continue to sell this account, you can bid if needed

Supcrthr -----Continue to offer

Continue to sell,Starting bids 25b

25bil , I can pay it now.

26bil,I can pay it now.

@Crazy_Mouseee If no one updates the price before dt, we can make a deal with this character