WTS 37.8m Max Ice/Ore and Booster Rorq pilot 4H LEFT


positive wallet
no killrights


  • Mining Drone Specialization 5

  • Ice Harvesting Drone Specialization 5

  • Sentry Drone Interfacing 5

  • Mining Director 5

  • Invulnerability Core Operation 4

  • Industrial Reconfiguration 5

  • Capital Industrial Ships 5

  • JC 5

  • Cybernetic 5

556k Unallocated SP’s

Starting bid: 40b

35 bil

37B offer

bump !

38 bil

40B Ready


reserve met
in 24h highest bid will be accepted, at time of posting this sheep 03 is leading the race

last 4h

41 bil ready


I want to end as soon as possible

42 bil

winner sheep 03

please send isk and account information

almost done

Mail funds have been sent

Please start transferring

isk and account information received

I will transfer character as soon as possible, due to ongoing character transfer in this account, the ongoing transfer has to finish before i can another one, CCP does not allow multiple character transfers at the same time.

I will keep you updated ASAP.

Ok, I hope I can see the transfer tomorrow.

transfer initated

Mark as SOLD then ffs