WTS 23 MILL SP pilot

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Dee’J_Akasha_Uisen rolls dropped leaving corp now
positive wallet
positive status

15 bil to start you off

16 bil


wow ok convo me in game online now
especially banker

ill take your offer

update … character now in high sec and free from corp

Actually I’m not gonna buy this, this feels like another scam.

I can assure you it isn’t but thanks for ruining my post making other suspect it is … I am a genuine player Dj Macro that’s returned after 2 years and selling my other character to buy a super … what else do I need to do to prove
I thought also that ccp protected from scams which means your only bumping price with no god dam intentention of buying

selling at 16.5 to the first in game convo … and will do what ever asked to prove its no scam to any one except the numpty Temp

Hmm, you called me numpty? Lol.

clearly … you are if you been scammed and cant spot a genuine … started of the price then backed out … round here we label you a numpty or a complete newb

Well okey, I indeed got scammed few days ago, really can’t tell the difference between scam and genuine these days, so many scammers , but I don’t like to be called numpty.
I flagged your post for moderation anyway, but you can prove me wrong.

with pleasure :slight_smile: follow the rules and you wont get scammed …

16.5 billion

accepted … convo to arrange

Sorry, had to change my mind after https://forums.eveonline.com/u/Temp_Mabata comments.

Maybe if you post an eveskillboard that was up to date and doesn’t have an esi failure you wouldn’t look like a scam

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